Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Who Do You Believe?

Lessons learned in the past five days:

Saturday 06.10.2017 - Uninformed  people often do not want the truth. Small meeting  reaffirmed I cannot sit by and watch while my new neighborhood is being decimated by a few followers who know not what they are  doing.

Sunday 06.11.2017 - Life is good, reaffirmed. I do not want to sell this little piece of my God's creation.

Monday 06.12.2017 - Best sermon ever! Celebration of the Holy Trinity

Tuesday 06.13.2017 - There are other reasonably priced waterfront condos... further away from our kids but very desirable.

Today 06.14.2017 - A political activist walked onto a baseball field full of the political party he opposes and began shooting at people... just because he hated that party's philosophy. He is dead now.

Life goes on; God offers us His grace, love and fellowship; the devil is alive and thriving! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If It's Broke, Fix It...

Our marriage has grown and bloomed since the beginning. One thing I've learned, Tom is a fixer, and a good strong one!

Last year we moved to a condo on the bay. For years the association had been bamboozled and bilked. We chose to ignore the local gossips (at that time there were only two) and became friends with some of the Board of Directors, who had already spent years fixing it.

They revised the Bylaws to meet Michigan Condominium Rules. They paid off bills and fixed broken properties.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peace and Patience

Today I learned that the simple way is still the best way. I am the cog stopping the wheel from turning, so what do I do?

I phone the doctor, lawyer and merchant chief. I suffer the agony of impatience. I twist and turn, feel like crying, suffer total frustration!

Then, I talk with the person most affected by stopping the wheel. Together we smooth out the facts. 

Problem solved! Life is good.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Today is Day 1.

Who is that woman? Who is the kid? Is that big fish something she caught? Stay tuned and all will be revealed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Newly married

We married in Pensacola FL in January. Here we are, posing at the marina where we made our first major purchase together.

Boating is a special favorite for me.

Fishing is a special favorite for Thomas.

Together we have increased our favorite thing to do. I enjoy fishing with Thomas; he enjoys getting to his favorite fishing holes with me!